Osteopathy Underground Pillars

The core pillars of the osteopathy underground are a distillation of long standing principles evident in a genuinely osteopathic approach.


  The osteopath’s objective is to support health. This is done by first seeking health. Once health is identified, the osteopath seeks to assist the body unit in removing obstacles to health. The obstacles are addressed through the body unit’s anatomy and physiology to support innate self-healing systems.  

Whole Person

  A human being exists as a unified whole person. A person is a body unit, comprised of  body, mind and soul elements. The base unit of existence is a unifed whole person and can not be subdivided without losing the person. The body unit has reciprocally interrelated structure and function from the microscopic to the macroscopic levels. The structure, or anatomy, and function, or physiology, are dynamically influencing each another. An osteopath reasons from an experienced knowledge of anatomy and physiology; providing care supporting self-healing and self-regulatory systems of the whole person- body, mind and soul; reconnecting health throughout the body unit; integrating with the total care plan.

Principles Over Techniques

  The principles of a modality are emphasized, to allow the osteopath to individually apply a technique with each person. This tailors the application of a modality optimally for each osteopath as well as each person. This maximizes the therapeutic efficacy of each modality in the hands of each osteopath.