Osteopathy Underground, seeks to be a repository of osteopathic learning. 

The profession has been fractured by multiple factors and one casulaty has been the ability to "dig on" to develop and grow individually. Each osteopath, currently, must seek and strive to learn osteopathy individually and in a single life time. Subsequently each osteopath can only advance their skills and the profession as a whole by incrimental steps. 

If a repository of osteopathic learning existed, then each new osteopath could formally learn the state of osteopathy (philosophical applications, modalities, and novel approaches) from origin to the present in an expeditious time frame. Then, from a solid foundation, each new osteopath could apply their own unique perspective, in a sincere effort to heed Dr Still’s mandate to “dig on”. A repository would maintain curriculum from various paradigms and approaches within the house of osteopathy, providing competent training to successive generations of osteopaths, long after the originators of those paradigms age gone. A repository embracing benficial technology in delivering the curriculum would transform the learning experience, expediting comprehension and retention of material, while decreasing the time required away from busy practices. 

It is this vision that led to the development of the Osteopathy Underground. It is this kind of repository for osteopathic learning, that the Osteopathy Underground strives to become.